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>> Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let us address a particular disgusting breed of people.Straight Edge. What a bunch of fucking tools. I do not care if you shit ivory, if you do not drink, then I don't even want to ever see your face. You can tell a lot about a man by what he drinks. It is a test of a man's true character. The type of booze you indulge in is an actual insight into your spiritual fortitude. Drink skunk beer and cheap shots, you are obviously a slovenly breed of trash that has the palate of an ashtray. Drink nothing but 300 dollar scotch and champagne, you are a stuck up arrogant fuck. A true drunk, the actual connoisseur, is a man who know how to differentiate the levels of sophistication in his drink, to tell good from bad and make the educated decision as to the proper balance of quality and price. If you abstain from alcohol, you are a non-entity in my book, and deserve the lowest level of hell in Dante's inferno....

I make it my life's mission to to reveal these scum for what they are, disgusting bottom dwellers who should be licking the floor of a peepshow. fuck you pretentious fucks, right in your hate-edge asses.

"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."

"Reality is an illusion that occurs due to the lack of alcohol."

"The Road of Excess Leads to the Palace of Wisdom."

wise words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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