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it doesnt matter

>> Sunday, April 24, 2011

when you have exhausted all hope
and left your guts
steaming in a pile on the roadside
and thrown inhibition into
the disgusting wings of chance
and drunken every drop
there is to drink
what is there left for you
when you have watched  every friend
slip away into the shadows
from death or intolerance
and your former compatriots
now boast of success and wealth and happiness
what is left for you
the one left standing
the one dripping with tears and sweat
the one whose blood now spills
onto this dirty floor
what is left when the booze and pills
will no longer keep the demons at bay
and they come to feed on your flesh
i will answer that question my friends
what is left
is that one memory
that one perfect moment
that will forever and all eternity
ring throughout the universe
for in that perfect moment
you found immortality
and what the beasts do to you know
means nothing
you have won


new column up on Alt Reel..

>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

Check it out


I am a fucking tool

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

because I signed up for a formspring account. ask me shit, I guess

God, I Suck


Double Penetration: a drunken absurdity chapbook review


I was very happy one day not too long ago to open my mailbox and see a package wrapped in cellophane from waiting for me. Held within this parcel was the new chapbook from Ben John Smith, my aussie friend, confidant and a fucking good poet, which he co-wrote with the talented Ryan Quinn Flanagan

The cover featured a naked chicken cuddling with two brews, and I couldn't think of a better enclosure for such a fucking good collection of poems that range from the haunting and sad, to the hilarious and obscene. Ben's poetry is heavily steeped in influences like Uncle Buk and other confessional prodigies. Some poems will stand out in my mind for weeks, among them " The Day I Was A Model for a Gay Magazine" and "Internet Blues". His work embodies the very essence of the absurd, and while laughing your ass off on one page, you will find your eyes tear up a bit on another, and you will feel like a giant fag.

And let's not forget Ryan Quinn Flanagan. The poem "another forced eviction" is a harsh and stunning artistic take on a situation that has played far too many times in the depth of our current economic hell. And "Busy Little Bee" is fucking genius in its simplicity and humor.

To be told, I can't think of a single fucking line of this book that I didn't enjoy, and my usual readers are familiar with my hatred of most things, and call me a sell-out fan for offering such giddy praise, but they can suck my left nut. This chapbook is the future of poetry, the 21st century middle class horny and drunk male, with his dick out, last dollar in his pocket, and cheap beer in hand in all it's 101 page glory. There was only 25 copies made, so fuck you if you weren't smart enough to get one before it sold out.

The fucking words


Come Together: A drunken absurdity movie review........

First things first, I am drunk…
At first glance, it is very easy to judge this movie. The somewhat predictable characters. The plotline with an emphasis on drugs, booze, and sex. At first glance, it is easy to compare the flick to American Pie and others and see the intentions. But that is when I realized it is an onion.
Yes, an onion. It is initially hard to cut, and maybe even bring tears to the eyes with the first effort. But then, when properly coaxed, the underlying flavors and haunting taste set in and leave you fulfilled and hungry for more...
The tale, reported to be a true one, is about a group of barely legal teens left stranded in an upscale L.A. house during the famed 1992 riots, with a full bar, MANY drugs, and the underlying sexual tension this glorious ambience provides. We initially have all the usual suspects: The promiscuous SoCal hottie, the prudish but secretly slutty southern girl, the homework obsessed nerd, the brooding wannabe rock star, the perfectionist Asian dancer, the self loathing homosexual, and the proud ethnically aware African American. This cast finds themselves stranded with a lot of booze and lot of time to entice each other to dropping pants and getting down to business. It is not difficult to see how this would be a semi-likely scenario during a time of extreme social upheaval such as the Rodney King riots. Young adults throwing inhibitions to the wind in this time of change, in the Generation X version of Kent St. or 1969 Democratic Convention. Drinking and fucking and giving the finger to the proverbial chaos of the times.
Like I fucking said, an onion. At first, I was very willing to accept much of the flick as an eager and creative attempt to re-tell a story of want, desire, and social commentary. But then I began to see the honesty of the filmmaker, and appreciate very much the point that was being made. Like I said, easy to dismiss as fleeting obscenity. But I saw through to the art and comedy within taking place, and left the film pleased with the plot and conclusion, despite the somewhat cliché ending lines. I particularly enjoyed the overdose scene, very well written and shot.
Final conclusion: I must say I found enjoyment in this small budget movie. Honesty and earnest art in the guise of playful obscenity seeps through any dismissible plotline. Beautiful girls and absurdity bound men mingle together under extenuating circumstances and find life through sex and substance indulgence. I MUST say, I would have appreciated more nudity from the headlining actresses. We must remember that even young Shannon Elizabeth bared almost all in the first American Pie, and as have many beautiful actresses in such films. But I am content with the film, and will absolutely recommend it to friends and colleagues that respect the genre of independent films, and have not been brainwashed by corporate Hollywood to think that all movies require 100 million dollar budgets and so much CGI you feel like you are in a bad acid trip.

Drunken Absurdity rating: 3 ½ bottles( out of 5)

NOTE: The drunken absurdity website is in the process of adding a review page to feature movie, book, and booze reviews, and this will be the first film to be featured once completed.


The Drunken Absurdity site update

>> Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New work from our friend Kev Blundell, part 2 of VL Sheridans novella "The Gelding", and some dark and sensual poetry from our new Revolutionary Anita W is up on the site..

ANNNDD FINALLLYY!!!, Tom Butts, our latest Voice from the Underground, is up. The interview took much longer to transcribe and edit than expected due to the intricacies of recording inside a tattoo studio, but its finally done...check it the fuck out

the motherfuckin revolution


another drunkenabsurdity anthem...


why i need to go to england


a drunken absurdity sunday....

>> Sunday, April 10, 2011

gettin drunk and having fun


Iraq, the forgotten war?? I think not motheruckers...

>> Friday, April 8, 2011

I have had many friends fall...many friends in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too many. Some died at the hands of the enemy. the others from drug and alcohol overdose after the return home. I have never been to Afghanistan. But I have spent 14 months of my life in Iraq, walking daily patrols of up to 15 miles, and watching friends go home in caskets. Iraq is still a war, and this fucking country better remember that...because the Schirling will never forget...

The Forgotten War


Iraq thrashmetal

If any of you have Netflix, I reccomend checking out a great doc called "Heavy Metal in Baghdad" about Acrassicauda, a heavy metal band that formed under Sadaam's reign, and then was forced to flee 3 years after the American invasion due to death threats from radical Islamic militias who believed the band to be Satan worshippers. Being granted emergency refugee status by the U.S. they currently reside in our borders in safety and continue to practice their trade. Fuck yes.


We're more than carbon and chemicals. Free will is ours and we can't let go

>> Thursday, April 7, 2011

This picture has nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to post a picture of hot drunk girls making out on top of some kegs.

Big things are happening. the Drunken Absurdity Night Out at Beatniks in Worcester, Mass is official. Drunken poets and a comedian and a couple musicans have comitted, but we are still looking for more to step up to the mike and spread some boozey brilliance.

My copy of the movie Come Together came in the mail this week from a filmmaker in California named Charles Unger, and I am stoked to get drunk, watch the flick, and send out a review.

A short story of mine named "Best Friend Forever" has been named a finalist in a Splatterpunk competition, fingers crossed motherfuckers.....

On a horrible note, for financial and work related reasons I have not had a drink in 3 days. It is fucking terrible. Sobriety is for the birds, you teetotaler can take your unfiltered view of the world and shove it up your ass.

The Revolution grows. Join and save your soul from a lifetime of miserable average experiences


Tom Butts: Our newest Voice from the Underground

Check out the site this week to read the interview with Tom Butts: tattoo artist, musician, and all around awesome fucking dude who we are honored to have as a card carrying member of the Drunken Revolution....This was an amazing interview, enjoy..


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