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>> Tuesday, May 31, 2011

suck it, fucking haters. let's get 100,000 by Christmas


drunken absurdity dot com awaking from its slumber

>> Monday, May 30, 2011

its been a little while since i have updated the site as I recover emotionally and physically from all the shit the past month. but its time to stop being a pussy and get back to work, SO coming up this week we have:

part 3 of VL Sheridan's novella 'the gelding'
poetry from our new revolutionary Ben Nardolilli
an interview with amanda, a young lesbian with a crazy life tale
an interview with Samson, a female to male transgender dating a male to female transgered, who is also a gay rights activist.

so look forward to all that!! you may have noticed the presence of different homosexual and transgered people on DA, and I couldnt be happier about it. From our interview with the gay porn star blaine, to these two new Voices we have coming up, I am suprised and thrilled with the support we have had from the lgbt community. sure, when I started this project i was thinking of the people like me, drunks and druggies and strippers and homeless. but it is so awesome to meet these other people who i have learned so much from, and i hope the readers gain some insight into alternative lifestyles as well.

keep the revolution alive, motherfuckers


i love ultimate surrender

Big titted blond with killer Jiu Jitsu skills brought to you by

if you do not know what ultimate surrender is, you should. it's two girls wrestling in skimpy bikinis, and the winner gets to fuck the loser with a strap-on. some of the matches get pretty burtal. awesome


it's memorial day motherfuckers

take time from your beer guzzling to remember the bros who didn't come back


Make sure you check out my other blog

>> Saturday, May 28, 2011

Come check out my other spot, the Average Bro Food Review sometime. My chance to rant about all joints I go to for a meal or some booze. Stop by and leave some love or hate, it's all gravy

Average Bro Food Review


new anthem

i hate that i like theory of a deadman, they are very much a nickelback-ish type band, and i despise that genre, but they constantly put out funny singles


i miss drive thru records

>> Friday, May 27, 2011


suck it, frenchy, no one likes a sore loser

>> Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 or the Judgment of Paris was a wine competition organized in Paris on 24 May 1976 by Steven Spurrier, a British wine merchant, in which French judges did blind tasting of top-quality chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon wines from France and from California. A California wine rated best in each category, which caused surprise as France was generally regarded as being the foremost producer of the world's best wines. Spurrier sold only French wine and believed that the California wines would not win.

Although Spurrier had invited many reporters to the original 1976 tasting, the only reporter to attend was George Taber from TIME magazine, who promptly revealed the results to the world. The horrified and enraged leaders of the French wine industry then banned Spurrier from the nation's prestige wine-tasting tour for a year, apparently as punishment for the damage his tasting had done to its former image of superiority. The tasting was not significant for the French press who almost ignored the story. After nearly three months, Le Figaro published an article titled "Did the war of the cru take place?" describing the results as "laughable," and said they "cannot be taken seriously." Six months after the tasting, Le Monde wrote a similarly toned article.


new short story posted on Horror Sleaze Trash

>> Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big thanks to my good friends Ben John Smith and Ian Shearer for posting another short story of mine      "old friends" on the brilliant site HST. Love you crazy fuckers

check this shit out


the schirling and his dame

We are so fucking disgusting. We are everything that we hate in a couple hahaha


new tattoo

So, hey if you ever wonder: hand tattoos fucking hurt. Only my chest was worse than this. I waited a couple days to put up a pic because my hand was a swollen, oozing mess. so, there it is. I am so glad to finally have it done, I have waited so long to tattoo my hand. A couple sessions of filler, and my sleeves will be done by the end of the summer. Big thanks to my friend and DA ally Tom Butts at Anchor Steam Tattoo.


Just a great picture for saturday

>> Saturday, May 21, 2011

gotta love alt porn


No Rapture! Big Fucking Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well in another stunning example of how retarded the fundementialist Christian fringes are, this old geriatric fuck had a bunch of people convinced that the world would end today. Seriously, this old guy people?? he looks like he should be greeting people at walmart or babbling on about nonsense in an old folks home. Oh wait, his nonsense babbling, for some reason I cannot fucking figure out, has been brodcasted all over the internet and print media all week. While most people have reacted in a very tongue in cheek manner regarding this bullshit, there are hundereds who he legit scared into believing that the world would end today. Poor, uneducated, easily influenced fucks who sold their every possesion and took to the streets to warn the masses of our sinful ways. How can individual humans be so capable of beautiful art, and amazing scientific discovery, but masses of humans are the dumbest creatures on the planet?? Fuck you Mr. Camping, I hope your family finally locks you up in Shady Acres where you belong after this stunt. Oh, and at 6:00 pm EST today(the time of the supposed Rapture, which has already passed without incident in the pacific) I will be drinking booze, supporting gay marriage, having anal sex with my gf, and taking the Lord's name in Vain.


I am absolutely going to check this out one day...

>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail (sometimes informally shortened to "the Bourbon Trail") is a program of the Kentucky Distillers' Association (KDA) to promote the bourbon industry in Kentucky. Visitors tour 6 prominent Kentucky bourbon distilleries: Four Roses, Heaven Hill , Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey , and Woodford Reserve.

From the official website:

There’s No Place Like Ours

For more than 200 years, Kentucky’s legendary distilleries have crafted the world’s finest Bourbons, using secret recipes and a time-honored process passed down from generation to generation.
Now you can explore the rich tradition and proud history of “America’s Official Native Spirit” on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®, featuring six signature distilleries nestled among the most beautiful scenery the Bluegrass has to offer.
Discover the art and science of the Master Distiller…savor the distinct, mellow flavor…and see how Kentucky’s perfect natural mix of weather and pure limestone water produces the classic taste and deep amber color.

World-renowned Bourbon.
Winding country roads.
Inviting historic towns.
Rolling green hills.
And Bluegrass hospitality at its best.
The Kentucky Bourbon Trail®
The Experience Of A Lifetime


tattoo appointment tomm

>> Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For years, I have been working on my tattoos. The number of hours I have spent under the needle, and the money I spent to spend those hours under the needle, can no longer be counted. I got my first tattoo in 2002, a tiny thing on my right arm. I crossed the border from being a person with tattoos, to a tattooed person, when I completed my enormous chest piece in 2008 over 9 horrible hours. And now, in 2011, I cross another taboo barrier by tattooing my hand tommorow. It's has something I have wanted for many years, and I finally have grown tired of waiting. I welcome, indeed yearn for, the negative comments I will receive from the prudes and tools that reside here.

The tattoo will be the flag of the famous pirate, Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard. Long has is lore and legend intrigued me, and I feel the flag as a metaphor for my curent view of the world. The work will be done by Tom Butts of course, the amazing Drunken Absurdity ally, at Anchor Steam tattoo in Newport.

I cannot fucking wait


naked chicks+breakfast= A very happy schirling

The schirling, his lady, and a few friends will be attending 'Leggs and Eggs', a 20 year old tradition every friday at the Foxy Lady strip club in Providence, RI. There we will enjoy naked chicks and lap dances along with an all you can eat breakfast buffet. it almost brings a tear to my eye. what is more american than to demand naked woman dancing while we enjoy fried animal products and beer??!!!


Never has this meant so much to me as right now

>> Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am at a brink, a point of no return....there is still hope to live a normal mediocre life as just another face in a sober I have the fortitude to turn down this evil seductress?? Sure, I admit some changes must be made, but others around me expect greater than this..

what will fucking become of the schirling

stay tuned and find out


We dig indie exploitation films

Drunken Absurdity is pleased to announce our future collaboration with James Cullen Bressack, the 19 year old auteur behind the serial killer exploitation flick, My Pure Joy...Once he finishes with post-production, I will watch the film, write up a review, and do an interview for the DA site....Just like our drunken endorsement of Come Together, we fucking love when young and underground personalities go forth and create art outside the established rules and system...

check out the film's fb page here:

My Pure Joy FB


Hey Fuckers in Providence: Check this shit out

Come out on Friday the 13th and check out Tom Butts, a Drunken Absurdity collaborator and ally, and his Gentlemen Soundsystem host a scene revolution at Fire House 13 in Providence. Fast music, booze, roller derby chicks: what could be better. 6 bucks gets you a ticket to the revolution...


My next project....

Come check out my new blog I have just started: The Average Bro Food Review. I love restraunts and I love cooking. Combine that with I love writing and I love drinking, and an idea was born. I will of course still be hard at work on Drunken Absurdity, both the site and the blog, now that things in my life have calmed down.

enjoy fuckers

The Average Bro Food Review


Back in the game....

>> Sunday, May 1, 2011

after a 7 day hiatus due to severe mental and physical collapse, I have emerged alive, if badly shaken, and ready to get back to work tomm on keeping the Revolution alive....

this time, it's personal


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