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Acceptance without Resignation

>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

half the point of this blog is my obsession with the concept of Absurdism. a philosophy brought to modern attention by the genius algerian Albert Camus, even though he shunned the title later in life. basically the answer to nihilism that us as humans will constantly search for a meaning of life, while such meaning is impossible to find with our mere human perception of the dark, cold universe. hence: absurd. but the point isnt to despair with this revelation, but to rejoice in the relief that it is pointless to find meaning, and to embrace the ridiculousness of it all.

this had a great impact on me when i first discovered the writing of old albert. in his words, the absurd "struck me in the face". it was this moment when i first stopped trying to be normal, or whatever the fuck normal is. when i first stopped feeling guilt over my desires and perversions and drinking habits. when i embarked on a new path in life focused on embracing the absurdity of our human condition. most of this embracing involves alcohol mostly(obviously). to me booze is a celebration of this concept. not just a medicine to ease the brutal reality of the modern world, but an ambassador to the world of the absurd. the 12 steppers who spout off that you can have just as much fun without booze should be dragged by the ankles to the town square and locked into stocks. this myth is such a trendy lie in our country, and i am sick of it. you can always have fun sober, but anyone that says that they have MORE fun in that despicable condition. sweet beautiful alcohol will always be there to take you along that absurd path.

dont despair over our solititude in a uncaring galaxy. dont cry over unanswerd prayers. smile, drink, fuck, fight, laugh, jerk off, do drugs. do what you need to do. but do it to celebrate our damned path.

"don't wait for the Last Judgement, it takes place everyday"-a.c.


i fucking miss these days....

16 years old, at little venue shows, gettin it....


Between the Sheets

>> Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1 part Brandy
1 part White rum
1 part Triple sec
dash of Lemon juice

Shake all the ingredients with the ice. Pour into a cocktail glass.



there really isnt much to say
when you realize
that the world isnt for you
there isnt much to cry about
when you realize that
you will never be
one of them
there isnt much to do
when it becomes clear that
the people
and things
and places
that make up your daily life'
fill you to the brim
with utter disgust and hatred
there isnt much to worry about
when you stand on the outside
and look in on the world
spinning and laughing without you
you can smile
and walk amongst the crowds
but there is the truth
that you are beyond it all
always in your mind


Buck Russell......

>> Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why I've been known to circumcise a gnat




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