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Aqua Vitae

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

My kitchen counter after a productive week....As you can see, and as any true friend of mine could tell you, I am partial to the whisky. Water of fucking Life.


Go bro go

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

The smell

That salt air



I catch the scent

All day long

I need it

That cool shock

The thrill

Of feet leaving

Dry land

Stepping into

A different world

Stepping into liquid

The surf wax fills my nose

There is nothing

Between me and

The continents

But the ancient

Of ancients

This abyss

My board slides through

The glass

I need this

My daily baptism

My constant redemption

It keeps

The demons at bay

I look back to the shore

That other world

I smile

Im safe

For now


hello friend.....

Fuckin outta control. not enough beers in the world. Not enough at all. Ignore the fear. Ignore the worry and apprehension. The juice is worth the squeeze. Always. Who the fuck wants to be 90? Shitting my pants in some VA hospital while some young kid pretends to care. I was that kid once. 19 years old and wiping the ass of some cranky old vet. God, how we come full circle. Just waiting to get off work so I could have a few beers and a pizza with my friends. Who knew that temporary pleasure would turn into a medicinal therapy into a necessary evil. Addiction? HA! hardly. Fucking part or life. Everyone is addicted to something. Wether it love, booze, smack, fucking, fast food, strippers, church, or the gym; we are all slaves to some master. At least I am friends with mine. Old friends. A true friend, the bottle doesn't leave me. Doesn't fight with me. Doesn't judge me. Is ALWAYS there when I need it. We should all be so lucky to have such good friends. I am content with my friend.




Oh My.....


Ying to the Yang

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010



>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bottle of good bourbon. 49.95. The label claims its from a single barrel poured on 22 March by hand from barrel #377, and rated at 93 proof. A lot of words that equals me embracing that wave of pleasure. Delicious. Can't stop listening to obscure late 90s punk rock. Sounds of my youth. Memories flash with every burning sip. Amazing, the powers of recollection when the fire of such good booze burns deep. My gods, has it been that long? I feel like I am looking at a slideshow of laughter, awkward sexual encounters, blind friendships, and unrelenting hopes. Such good whiskey. Smooth, hints of vanilla and coffee. I can almost smell that desert air. See that ambition, FEEL that earnest of wants and desire. So stupid. So trusting. Random girl in the passenger seat of my truck. Who is she? Doesn't matter, she is a reoccurring character who is always played by a different actress. You know, like the wife from Fresh Prince. Well, except young and white and attractive. Fuck. Damn good hootch. if this was lunch, what could ever be for dinner?????


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