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>> Sunday, November 21, 2010

jesus those eyes. they stare at me from the abyss of electric anonymity. smoky and smoldering they pierce through me, distracting me from the the debauchery being comitted elsewhere. so many have gone before her, since I can even remeber, what makes her so special? young and innocent looking, these disguise her inner flame. for sonmething burns in her, the same fire that burns in any real artist. some paint, some write, and others record the utter essenence of humanity for all to see. pale skin and a petite frame make her apppear to be weak, but nothing could be farther from the truth. she is dominate through submission. my eyes stay transfixed on the screen, well beyond the simple lecherous thoughts that first made me turn the computer on. spellbound now. there is something different. she is not like the others, not a simple vessel who will soon be used up and spit out by this lifestyle. no, she will remain. persist. she has already burst onto mainstream consciousness, but that wont be the end of it. we are entering a new era of humanity, one of open debauchery, completely hedonistic lifestyles being thrust into the limelightt. what was once taboo is now commonplace, and she is the poster child of this ascent into full transcendence of the moral compass of this country. and holy fuck is she so fucking hot.....


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