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Happy Feast of Samhain to you all

>> Monday, October 31, 2011

do fucked up things to each other on this day when the veil between living and dead is blurred


Our brother and ally Ben John Smith.....


DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the site for new work from some old friends, and some brand new Revolutionaries that will blow you away! Some serious next level shit!!


check this chick out

>> Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, please check out the blog of our lovely new Revolutionary Juniper Rose, a high class exotic performer in NYC with a exquisite flair for the written word.....


son of a bitch

>> Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are you fucking kidding me?? Snowstorm in October?? Jesus Christ. Based on how easy it was to knock out the power in this whole fucking state during 'Hurricane' Irene, with its mild winds and marginal rain fall in nice warm weather, this is going to be a fucking nightmare.


to my old lady

>> Thursday, October 27, 2011


cant sleep


Don't you forget

>> Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Undaunted, I knew the world was mine to win. Just like in life, all of my successes depend on me. I'm the man who has the words, I'm the man who can fucking write them perfectly. So that is why I am better than everyone in the world. Kiss my ass and suck my dick. Everyone.



>> Tuesday, October 25, 2011

But a true champion, face to face with his darkest hour, will do whatever it takes to rise above. A man fights, and fights, and then fights some more. Because surrender is death, and death is for pussies.


the good doctor always says it best

“Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives... and to the "good life", whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.”

this is it, lady. me and you versus the world, forever.
humanity will never break us, no matter how much filth they spew
we are too tough, too crazy, too in love
they can all go to hell, we don't need them
me and you versus the world


The evil will be defeated

The universe has a funny way of righting itself, and always in the Schirlings favor. Enjoy your very brief smugness. Your day will come.


sunday morning rockabilly chicks

>> Sunday, October 23, 2011



happy friday!!

>> Friday, October 21, 2011


fucking A

>> Thursday, October 20, 2011


Fuckin DA shirts are in!!!

Big fucking thanks to Matt Reid of Triumph Clothing in Boston for doing such a sick fucking job on the very first round of DA shirts!!

These first shirts will be mostly gifts to some of our biggest supporters, and to get our drunk chicks project started. Very soon, we will do another round, along with hats and panties, that will be available to purchase on drunkenabsurdity dot com!

and of course: enormous thanks to the genius tattoo artist Tom Butts for designing our amazing logo for the shirts! DA is so fucking lucky to have such great people around to support us!



>> Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yo Drunken Absurdity fans, I have the extreme pleasure of announcing our newest model! Gigi Marie,
the stunningly hot SoCal model (and weed aficionado) has agreed to take some pics for us in one of the brand new DA shirts! We are super stoked to have her as our newest girl. With Gigi, the sultry Morianna Morgue, and the classic pinup beauty Kiti Kobian; Drunken Absurdity certainly has the finest (and most fucking fun), chicks on the whole interwebs as our spokeswomen. Look for all these of these jaw droppers in the next few weeks only on DrunkenAbsurdity dot com!!

                                             Check out more from this hot chick here


bring us into the new week Sasha

>> Monday, October 17, 2011

With all  my recent obsession with Jessie Andrews and Andy SanDimas, I feel as if my dear Ms. Grey has been neglected of my affections. You are still my favorite, Sasha, for life. Thank you for helping me announce a giant Fuck You to Mondays....


New Adam Schirling Flash Fiction

Big thanks to Devlin De La Chapa for featuring some of my work over at her site BoySlut


why god, WHYYYYY

>> Sunday, October 16, 2011

i guess that everyone has weird kinks...but my god


The truth you Fuckers

>> Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have been blessed with many things in this life - biceps like goddamn bowling balls, a cock like a burmese python, and the mind of a fucking scientist.


The Leeds Devil

The Leeds Devil, more popularly known as the Jersey Devil, is a legendary creature or cryptid said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. The creature is often described as a flying biped with hooves, but there are many variations.The Jersey Devil has worked its way into the pop culture of the area, even lending its name to New Jersey's team in the National Hockey League

The story begins in 1735 when a Mrs. Leeds of Smithville was pregnant. This was to be her thirteenth child, and Mrs. Leeds was feeling old before her time. As her labor began one stormy night, she cursed the unborn baby during a fit of painful contractions, saying, "Let this child be a devil!" Mrs. Leeds soon forgot her curse when a beautiful baby boy was placed in her arms by the midwife. Suddenly the baby's body started to mutate, and Mrs. Leeds watched in horror as the baby's face elongated to resemble a bat or horse, and long, dark wings sprouted from his shoulderblades. His legs grew long and thin and his pudgy feet hardened and formed into hoof-like extremities. Fear gripped all in the room as long claws grew from the baby's fingertips and his blue eyes yellowed. The creature before them now showed no resemblance to the baby it had been just moments before its transformation. The beast let out an ear piercing scream and then turned, burst through the roof of the cabin and flew off into the night.The Jersey Devil remained an obscure regional legend through most of the 18th and 19th centuries until a series of purported sightings in 1909 gained it press coverage and wider notability.

During the week of January 16 through 23, 1909, hundreds of people reported encounters with the Jersey Devil. Newspapers of the time named it "Phenomenal Week" and the public reaction has been called the Devil's "most infamous spree."Reports initially concerned unidentified footprints in the snow, but soon sightings of creatures resembling the Jersey Devil were being reported throughout South Jersey and as far away as Philadelphia and Delaware.The widespread newspaper coverage led to a panic throughout the Delaware Valley prompting a number of schools to close and workers to stay home.Among alleged encounters publicized that week were an attack on a trolley-car full of passengers in Haddon Heights and an attack on a social club in Camden. Police in Camden and Bristol, Pennsylvania supposedly fired on the creature to no effect

Official NJ Devil Hunters....


3 new poems up on AltReel



>> Friday, October 14, 2011




you just have to admire the sheer ridiculousness of this monster


Does the 'WOW signal" creep you out?? It fucking should

>> Thursday, October 13, 2011

The WOW signal was a radio signal that was picked up at The Big Ear radio telescope, as part of the SETI project, by a Dr. Ehman on August 15, 1977. Big Ear used numbers, from zero to 10, to document how far above the useless background noise any signals went. In a comically childish system, the eggheads ran out of fingers and had to use toes, adding letters A-Z on top of the numbers. The Wow! Signal was "6EQUJ5," meaning it began at a scale of six, crept past the letter threshold, jumped to Q and then as far as U before fading gradually.

All of this happened over 37 seconds, and all of this from a seemingly empty point in space. Perhaps even more mind-boggling, it came from a non-terrestrial and non-solar system source. It was a signal shot to Earth from one of the emptiest places imaginable, and something from that place somehow got to us.

Amazed at how closely the signal matched the expected signature of an interstellar signal, Ehman circled the signal on the computer printout and wrote the comment "Wow!" on its side. This comment became the name of the signal

It could be, as skeptics suggest, interstellar scintillation of a weaker continuous signal. That is important because a continuous signal is far less remarkable, and what they picked up might have been a weak, continuous signal that gained strength for a short time. However, it's a mysterious signal from space that follows a very calculated system, turning off, and turning on. That... really shouldn't be.

The signal had the trademark of an artificially produced interstellar broadcast. How did they broadcast it from a point in space where there are no planets and there are no solar systems? Well, the only explanation would be a spaceship, and the signal is used to communicate to other spaceships.

Dr. Ehman has stated his doubts that the signal is of intelligent extraterrestrial origin: "We should have seen it again when we looked for it 50 times. Something suggests it was an Earth-sourced signal that simply got reflected off a piece of space debris."

He later recanted his skepticism somewhat, after further research showed an Earth-borne signal to be very unlikely, due to the requirements of a space-borne reflector being bound to certain unrealistic requirements to sufficiently explain the nature of the signal

 For once the explanation that there's an alien craft beaming signals is more logically sound than the tried and true "space debris" argument. And THAT should creep you the fuck out


Rainy day naked chicks

i wish all rainy days looked like this outside


just too much

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fuck the entire world up its stupid ass.


I have really grown to love this band

>> Saturday, October 8, 2011



>> Friday, October 7, 2011

I have appreciated the requests from former Navy and Marine buddies of mine to join them in training for triathalons, warrior dashes, Tough Mudder, half marathons, etc etc etc. No doubt they recall the Schirlings extreme former commitment to staying in superior shape.

But here is a heads up guys: MY job at the time, depended on such things. I have no desire to do that anymore. It isnt necessary to spend 6 hours in the gym and on the road every day. But I understand their desire to keep the mentality we all had in those Iraq days.

But the people who never lived that lifestyle with us........what the fuck are you doing?? Do you really feel some desire to affirm your manhood because you have never had to actually do hard things in your life? Prove that your not just some loser grocery store clerk,or pussy accountant ?? Sorry, I proved my toughness the real way, the way men in this country have been proving it for 230 years. I don't need to put on some spandex and swim in some cold bay, or ride a gay little bike to prove that I am tough.

To quote the great Kenny Powers:

 "I play real sports, not trying to be the best at exercising"


For those idiots that say a tattooed woman is a new phenom

>> Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AND a reminder for all these retard hipster chicks and their stupid ironic or indie art tattoos: THESE are what REAL tattooed women look like. Not your dumb Helvetica font or Banksy tattoos. That makes you a hipster with tattoos, not a tattooed woman.


you know who you are

"Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you just kiss my left nut? "


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