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Come Together: A drunken absurdity movie review........

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

First things first, I am drunk…
At first glance, it is very easy to judge this movie. The somewhat predictable characters. The plotline with an emphasis on drugs, booze, and sex. At first glance, it is easy to compare the flick to American Pie and others and see the intentions. But that is when I realized it is an onion.
Yes, an onion. It is initially hard to cut, and maybe even bring tears to the eyes with the first effort. But then, when properly coaxed, the underlying flavors and haunting taste set in and leave you fulfilled and hungry for more...
The tale, reported to be a true one, is about a group of barely legal teens left stranded in an upscale L.A. house during the famed 1992 riots, with a full bar, MANY drugs, and the underlying sexual tension this glorious ambience provides. We initially have all the usual suspects: The promiscuous SoCal hottie, the prudish but secretly slutty southern girl, the homework obsessed nerd, the brooding wannabe rock star, the perfectionist Asian dancer, the self loathing homosexual, and the proud ethnically aware African American. This cast finds themselves stranded with a lot of booze and lot of time to entice each other to dropping pants and getting down to business. It is not difficult to see how this would be a semi-likely scenario during a time of extreme social upheaval such as the Rodney King riots. Young adults throwing inhibitions to the wind in this time of change, in the Generation X version of Kent St. or 1969 Democratic Convention. Drinking and fucking and giving the finger to the proverbial chaos of the times.
Like I fucking said, an onion. At first, I was very willing to accept much of the flick as an eager and creative attempt to re-tell a story of want, desire, and social commentary. But then I began to see the honesty of the filmmaker, and appreciate very much the point that was being made. Like I said, easy to dismiss as fleeting obscenity. But I saw through to the art and comedy within taking place, and left the film pleased with the plot and conclusion, despite the somewhat cliché ending lines. I particularly enjoyed the overdose scene, very well written and shot.
Final conclusion: I must say I found enjoyment in this small budget movie. Honesty and earnest art in the guise of playful obscenity seeps through any dismissible plotline. Beautiful girls and absurdity bound men mingle together under extenuating circumstances and find life through sex and substance indulgence. I MUST say, I would have appreciated more nudity from the headlining actresses. We must remember that even young Shannon Elizabeth bared almost all in the first American Pie, and as have many beautiful actresses in such films. But I am content with the film, and will absolutely recommend it to friends and colleagues that respect the genre of independent films, and have not been brainwashed by corporate Hollywood to think that all movies require 100 million dollar budgets and so much CGI you feel like you are in a bad acid trip.

Drunken Absurdity rating: 3 ½ bottles( out of 5)

NOTE: The drunken absurdity website is in the process of adding a review page to feature movie, book, and booze reviews, and this will be the first film to be featured once completed.


Heather Anne Bolestridge April 18, 2011 at 10:45 PM  

Awesome review Adam. You make it seem like its worth watching without sucking its dick. Nicely done. Looking forward to the review tab.

cometogetherfilm April 27, 2011 at 9:39 AM  

Hey Adam, Thanks for your awesome, yet very objective review of Come Together. It made me crack up several times and I really appreciated your humor, honesty and artistic insights, you saw the movie in a way that I hoped other people would but very few have so far.

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