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>> Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh man, shit is getting big, I am getting so excited for the re-launch. On the books so far we have new Revolutionaries Craig Scott, John Romjue, Ben Nardolilli, Willie Smith, and Richard Wink sending us amazing poems and lit, and new works from our old friends Willis Gordon and VL Sheridan. We have Tom Butts working his magic coming up with the new logos for the site, stickers, panties and shirts. The new feature, DA Flicks, will feature movie reviews, two so far. And we have interviews coming up with numerous new Voices of the Underground.

ANNDDDD there is a couple of surprises in store too. You fuckers will be rocked.

stay tuned. The Revolution will be bigger than ever. We will show the world that literature and poetry isn't simply the craft of academics and liberal arts hipster douchebags. There is the silent minority toiling in the underbelly: the blue collars, and deviants, and homeless, and freaks, and drunks, and salt of the earth people. The blood of Buk, and Dr. Thompson, and Kerouac, and Tom Waits pumps through our veins. We are ready to unify as a people and make the lit world tremble with our words.

Join, or fall to the wayside dying.



ETERNITY KIDZ August 14, 2011 at 7:54 PM  

Great to hear. Bring it on!

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