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Some Monday morning beer review coming at ya

>> Monday, February 13, 2012

Picked up a Sam Adams Brewmaster Choice pack at Bottles in Provdence yesterday. I am one of those weird Sam Adams fans, where I enjoy their seasonal and brewmaster brands, but am not the biggest fast of their flagship Boston Lager. I do respect and idolize Jim Koch for the amazing visionary he is, and returning the voice of quality to American beers after decades of us being the laughing stock of the world in beer making. Boston Lager is a good, well-made beer. That is certain. I am just saying, it is not my first choice at most New England bars.

But today I thought I would discuss a couple of these brews in the pack.

1. The Whitewater IPA: I am not a big fan of IPA. I respect the historic significance of IPA, but the strong hops and low filter has always been a problem for me. Sam Adams tends to be a very strong beer in hops levels to begin with. It really comes out in their Whitewater IPA. Thick heavy taste of spice sits on your tongue, and chases the beer down your throat with a burn. A bit of sour aftertaste. I have had worse IPAs I suppose. The quality is there, the love is there, but I do not appreciate the taste of any IPA.

2. The Alpine Spring: Very surprised with this unfiltered lager. Crisp,light, and flavorful, just the right balance of spice. The Noble Tettnag hops gives it just the right amount of citrus and floral aroma and aftertaste. Really a perfect beer to start drinking after a long winter of heavy ales and stouts. Refreshing and clean

3. The Mighty Oak Ale. The way this poured out of the bottle, in almost a syrup like stream, got me excited. By far the best balanced beer Jim Koch has ever made, in my humble opinion. That perfect sweet malt mixes with the earthy undertones of oak aging and English hops to create an explosion of flavor heavy with soul, without drowning itself in the process. Smooth dry finish. Winner of the 2011 Beer Lovers Choice Campaign.

4. And finally, the Black Lager. The Sam Adams version of a traditional German schwarzbier, the crisp cousin( means literally Black Beer) of the heavier English porters and stouts. Of course my favorite of the group, for anyone that knows my tastes. Heavy, rich, coffee and cream flavors and consistency from the dehusked malts. A tidal wave of heavy notes released from the bottom fermenting lager yeast. Traditional German noble hops give you that crisp bite Sam Adams fans expect, with a bolder profile. Delicious.



Anthony Venutolo February 20, 2012 at 1:40 AM  

I dug the sampler boxso much that I went back for another. I was pretty bummed that they were all sold out. That was some mighty tasty beer...

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