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My Patrick Bateman moment

>> Saturday, February 18, 2012

The other day I opened a small parcel from Australia containing the disposable camera from Ben John Smith for the project he and I are doing, along with Jimmy Gerrard, for Nothing But The Truth (NBTT). After removing the camera, and begin to brainstorm on what horrid things to take pictures of, Ben Smith's new business card came tumbling out too.

Now, Ben and I have been close friends and allies for quite some time now. I consider him a brother and a compatriot. But when I viewed his card: I was instantly stricken with jealousy. Perfect weight, crisp print, solid base color, great half naked model on the back, a commanding logo and address label on the front....It was truly glorious. My breath was robbed at the sheer power of such a small act of perfection. And I immediately knew that my old card, tried and true as it was, simply would no longer do.

And being the jealous cunt that I am, I ordered new cards haha. So, here is my new official business cards. I like them almost as much as Ben's. Pretty close. Be warned Ben, your days of business card supremacy are numbered....


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