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>> Sunday, January 29, 2012

In all sorts of paranormal phenomenon, cryptozoology, and unexplained mysteries. While I admire arrogance in some instances, the extreme arrogance of human beings to declare they know every single thing about the natural world is stupidity. While things like Sasquatch and other cryptids are not likely to exist, does not mean it is impossible. And as far as the possibility of intelligent life on other worlds, and civilizations from across the cosmos away visiting us: Well that is just common sense people. We are the tiniest little dot, a speck of sand in a vast expanse of matter and energy so large we cannot comprehend it....And that is just our galaxy!!! There are billions of galaxies!!

To say we are alone is just fucking retarded.

My biggest problems with most people's perception of possible alien life lays with two, what I believe to be utter stupid misconceptions. One, that aliens would basically resemble us; two arms, two legs, two eyes, a nose and mouth. Simple humanoid type features. The way we look has been the careful result of millions of years of evolution, a unique process based on every aspect of our enviroment on Earth. Why the hell would some being from a million light years away look like us? They could be an intelligent bacterium. Or some sort of insectoid. Or they may not even exist in the 3 dimensions that we are aware of, they could exist in 5 dimensions so we would only see part of them at a time.

My second problem is that we assume that because of the aliens advanced technology they are peaceful and enlightened. Now THAT is fucking retarded. The 20th century marked a 100 year span where human beings experienced the most technological growth in 10,000 years, making incredible discoveries in scienece and industry. It was ALSO the bloodiest century in human history. Technology advances do not equate peace and love, in fact the brutal truth is the opposite occurs.

So, if you choose to not believe in anything beyond the scope of your logical comprehension, good for you. But do not belittle those who search for the truth behind some of our greatest mysteries...


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