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A confession

>> Sunday, January 15, 2012

who deserves the paycheck more????

A lot of people are shocked around this time of year when I have to explain to them that I do not watch football. " but Adam!", they say, "you're a big old boy, played sports your whole life, why no football?"....and the truth is: I don't watch any sports. At least not professional ones. And I will tell you why. How much does the average 21 yr old Marine corporal in Afghanistan make? About 30k a year. How.much does the average 21 yr old NFL rookie make? 500k a year. Let that sink in. That rookie drafted from a Division 2 school makes a half million a year, and probably will see very little playing time, why the corporal will spend 7 months a year in constant danger of a violent death on the battlefield, and the rest of the year away from friends and family training to go BACK to the battlefield. Does the NFL rookie have amazing talent? Undoubted. But who says THAT'S a better talent then the corporal who keeps America safe every night, on long, weary patrols while you sleep? Professional sports used to be filled with people who made very little money and had a legit love of the game, traveling on shitty buses and making just enough to feed families; looking forward to a life of injuries, no pension, and the slight hope of a coaching job. Now it is just bitchy millionaires involved in steroid scandals, domestic abuse, and dog fighting. The entire system is disgusting and corrupt, and I refuse to be a part of it. You can post about that creepy virgin Tebow all day long, I would rather post about that Corporal who is going to die in a firefight tonight: broke,scared, and far from home. Go fuck yourself, all contemporary pop-puke spewing Americans. You literally make me sick.


Andrew Jones January 16, 2012 at 12:14 PM  

You know I agree with you brother, and society makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. But fuck me if I'm gonna go without watching football lol. That's like telling you to quit watching porn cus they make too much money. I'll be drunk and in front of a big screen TV come Super Bowl Sunday!

Adam J. Schirling January 16, 2012 at 6:47 PM  

Yessssssss, but ya see: no one is going around making porn star jerseys. People are telling kids to worship athletes instead of intellectuals or civil servants. And as the ridiculous salaries of these atheles has risen, the more fucking ridiculous they act. That's my issue. Porn stars are fuckups in societies eyes. No parent hopes they're kid does porn one day. But kids worship fucks like mike vick for throwing a ball while he commits felonies. Fuck that. I stand by my statement that there is enough bitchy millionaires in pro sports these days to contribute to the lack of any value or intelligence in society. Like I said yesterday, we live in a country where snooki has 4 million followers on Twitter and is a bestselling author, while Stephen Hawking has a tenth of that and is resorted to a miniseries on netflix..there is a bigger societal flaw at stake then whether football is fun to watch or not.....

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