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My 2 cents: Why I do not support the Governator

>> Friday, July 22, 2011

I realize that this story may be old news, but after watching an update on it this morning on HLN, I must now throw my hat into the ring.....Arnold: you fucking suck.

That pains me to say. I have always been a huge fan of Arnold. Awesome movies aside, when I was a serious powerlifter, his Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding was my bible, and I watched Pumping Iron religously. There isn't a red-blooded American boy who was raised in the 80's and 90's who didn't emulate the Terminator as a symbol of manhood and toughness.

But, I am sorry Arnold. You are a fuck up.

Allow me to elaborate my position. I am not questioning the moral consequences of marital infedelity. A large percentage of men have affairs at one point, and we come to expect it from rich and powerful men. Like I fucking said, I am speaking from a purely biological sense. Rich and powerful men are typically alpha males, leaders of the pack. We come to expect them to fulfill their evolutionary urgings by spreading their seed throughout the gene pool. HOWEVER, when their standards lapse, we can not support it!

Some examples:

JFK fucked Marilyn Monroe. Well done, Mr President
Bill Clinton fucks Monica Lewinsky. Eww. Just eww.
Tiger Woods fucks a battalion of porn stars and high price call girls. Wow.
Jesse James cheats on Sandra Bullock with a neo-nazi. WTF??

and finally, Arnold knocks up his fat old maid. SERIOUSLY????!!!!????!!!!!

In conclusion, there will always be a certain level of undertsanding on the American public's part on rich men fucking chicks. Even if we scorn and ridicule them in public, deep down in most people their is a compassion for it. BUT, when they start sticking their dicks in fat, ugly, old, and insane bitches, we must draw a line in the sand. We are a country of winners, and to see our idols lowering their standards to the point of disgust is sickening to us.

I am sorry, Arnold. But it's over between us.


Heather Anne Bolestridge July 22, 2011 at 7:58 PM  

very good point - I wasn't sure where you were going with that... but you are totally right.

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