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the very worst crime that can be committed in the literature world...

>> Monday, December 19, 2011

Often on Drunken Absurdity we lash out against those of low moral fortitude. Hipsters. Straight Edge morons. Fake artists and poser philosophers. Self proclaimed photographers armed with intsagram taking sepia shots of their beer and rhubarb cupcake. Just the very worst of the supposed artistic community.

But today, we will discuss something far worse. A crime committed by only the very lowest slime of the Earth. I speak of plagiarism. There is nothing more horrific than a plagaristic writer.

Now, sure sometimes I will throw up a blog post or Facebook status, heavily re quoting Wikipedia, or Kenny Powers, or other such nonsense. That is ok. Some purists will claim that too is plagiarism, but come on people, in the digital age of information sharing a un attributed quote or wikipedia fact is sure to pop up from time to time.

I am talking about the utter criminals that steal other writers works, rearrange a few small details, and then try to market and sell the product as their own. This is a sin that is unforgivable.

One of our very own Drunken Absurdity revolutionaries has recently fallen victim to this blatant theft. Jacey Lane Deville is a talented writer, with a flair for the written word that is extremely hard to come by in this world. And that very charisma and power that resonates from her words made her a target for plagiarism. A fellow 'writer' by the name of SM Garcia has systematically and methodically stolen work from Jacey for some time now, being reckless at first with it, and being caught early. But then she has learned to be more coy with her actions, hiding her thieves tracks well. But the truth will always come to light in these circumstances, and it has again now.The ugly head of dishonesty and insecurity has reared itself back, and revealed its fangs to the world. After being caught, she has reacted with threats of violence and horrid comments towards the victim.

This aggression will not stand. I am announcing that Drunken Absurdity, in all of its small pull in this crazy world of ezines and small press literature, is officially condemning SM Garcia for her deplorable actions, and encouraging ALL of our readers to boycott and speak out against this supposed writer. We call on SM Garcia to defend her actions in an open forum, and face her accusers. We suspect she will just continue her verbal slanders and idle threats. If you are a true writer, Ms. Garcia, and want your named cleared, then accept this invitation for rebuttal. If you pen a heartfelt and sincere apology for all the criminality you have made Ms. Deville suffer, and offer explanations for your actions, we will be supportive of you moving forward as a writer in redemption. If you insist on staying this path, we will continue to call for boycotts on every one of your works, and will send this message to our very numerous readers and fellow writers/publishers that dot the entire globe.

Come forward. Be held accountable. And do the right thing.


Jacey Lane DeVille December 22, 2011 at 8:16 PM  

She probably won't come forward and trying to contact her you'll probably get turned away. She wants to be an author like Stephanie Meyer and Kay Hooper.

She doesn't act nicely towards new people that want to approach her and she acts quite stuck up like her shit doesn't stink. At least I'm nice towards people (usually) and admit to having a short fuze but this chick doesn't even treat her fans properly.

There was a friend of mine that actually liked her writing and tried to be nice. She made one comment on the chick's writing about something that should have been fixed and she got a nasty email and blocked. Now tell me is this how an author should act?

So not only does she steal other people's work (and I mean come on she stole a 15 year old's story) but she acts like the world should cater to her and if anyone approaches her that happens to know me she'll treat them like shit as well.

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