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>> Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hey DA Fans, we finally have our small intial merch inventory ready to rock, just working on getting the PayPal widget set up on the site. We will have shirts for $15, 8.5x11 posters for $8, and stickers for $2. Unfortunantly since I am barely turning a profit as is, I can't offer any 'friend discount' or anything at this time, but we hope in the near future when we increase inventory to offer a contributor discount. HOWEVER, if you are a chick and order a shirt, if you send me a pic of you rocking the shirt in a bar, or a risque-ish webcam/cell phone shot of you in the shirt, I will send you back 3 bucks. After the holidays, if all goes as planned, we will be adding hoodies for $30, hats for $15, and panties for $10. If the price sounds steep to ya, sorry, but we are a very small organization right now. Keep an eye out on the site!


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