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A must-see for any true drinker

>> Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yesterday I had the supreme privilege to watch the Discovery Channel doc, How Beer Saved The World. Like me, I am sure many of you true, loyal drinkers have to deal with the scourge of straight edge and AA meeting commandos who cannot wait to spout off propaganda about the dangers and perils of drinking. TV is full of shows like 'Intervention" who love to show you the horrors of alcohol use. Like many of you, I constantly meet people who wish nothing more than to make me feel ashamed, guilt ridden for our thirst. Now, us loyal true drinkers, finally have scientific proof that not only is alcohol amazing, but beer itself has created the civilization that we know today. It was the accidental creation of beer, a thousand years before bread, that stopped humanity from a lifestyle of hunter-gatherer status, and begin to settle and farm, which led to the development of mathematics. Beer production in ancient Egypt helped build the pyramids, and it was recently discovered, an accidental byproduct of Ancient Egyptian beer was the creation of Tetracycline, a powerful antibiotic not discovered until 1948. So, yes, beer saved lives. It was the running out of beer on the Mayflower that caused the pilgrims to land at Plymouth Rock, instead of their intended destination, Virgina. It was the production of beer bottles that led to the first assembly line, which ended child labor in the US. These and countless other amazing facts are readily available in this well researched and humorously made film, which helps us restore pride as loyal true drinkers. Take THAT you fucking teetotalers.

I highly recommend getting on Netflix or Hulu and educating yourself on
"How Beer Saved the World"


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