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DA announces its endorsement for 2012: Ron Paul for President!

>> Friday, December 30, 2011

We have waited a while to decide our official endorsement for President of these United States in 11 months. And that canidate is Ron Paul. My love of Mr. Paul swayed over the past couple of years, as he seemed to start losing grasp of his strong Libertarian roots(and as a car carrying member of the libertarian party, I was dismayed). But I was wrong to despair, Ron's beliefs are as strong as ever. Unlike most non-democrats, I feel that Obama has done some great things for this country, taking over during a 2 front war and a recession. But I think the honeymoon is over, and people unfairly expected him to change the world. Every other Republican canidate is disgusting and deplorable to endorse.(really, America: Newt Gingrich??!) Bachmann is a crazy racist bitch, Romney a sleazy zombie, Gingrich a gay bashing asshole, and Santorum....well, he is Rick Santorum. Fuck em all. Ron Paul is the crazy game changing sonofabitch that this country needs right now. We just need to give him the chance.


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