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Give Em Hell Sasha

>> Sunday, November 13, 2011

If you have been able to draw your attention elsewhere in the news this week besides the Penn State sex abuse scandal, you may have noticed a few headlines discussing a controversy with our very favorite ex-porn starlet Sasha Grey. The 23 yr old brunette bombshell has created a stir in Los Angeles for volunteering to read to elementary school children as part of a charity program. As you have probably suspected, a great deal of moral warriors in the shape of angry parents have flipped out, filing complaints everywhere and pleading for the young actress to be banned from schools.

Let's take a deep breath before we respond to this one. 1..2..3..4..good now? ok, lets go.

This is fucking retarded. Let's attack the first stupid argument. Sasha is no longer doing porn, in fact it has been 2 years since she announced her transition to mainstream acting and art, after her magnificent portrayal of a struggling hooker in the wonderful Soderbergh film, The Girlfriend Experience. She has proved to be a talented actress, smart and beautiful, with a strong grasp of art and music running through her young veins. And while we are discussing actors with questionable pasts, would any of these parents have a problem with Cameron Diaz reading to the kids? What about Jackie Chan? Sly Stallone?All of these actors performed in pornographic roles in their early history.

Come on people, it is not like it was fucking Career Day at school. She didn't show up in lingerie leading a man in a gimp suit with a leash, paddling his ass. She didn't drop to her knees in front of the youngsters and blow the principal. A young, charismatic, intelligent woman who cares about children set aside some of her time to try and make a small difference. Yes, lets drag her to the tetherball courts and burn her at the stake. And really, LA School System, REALLY?? One of the worst ranked school districts in the nation shouldn't actually be choosy when someone is willing to volunteer their time to read.

I would expect this nonsense if she would have read to some kids in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Not Los Angeles. Southern California likes to pride themselves as being the forerunner of liberal understanding, and the promotion of carefree easygoing lifestyles. Such blatant WASPness is, I hope, a very small number of displaced Bible Belters causing a stir. Fuckers.

Leave Sasha the fuck alone.

Can you believe this bullshit???


Anonymous,  November 13, 2011 at 5:24 PM  

This southern Californian agrees with you. Wish I could say that Linda Lovelace had read to my third grade class.

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