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Hail the Fallen

>> Monday, May 28, 2012

While it is so awesome to see so many people commenting on their appreciation of vets on here this past weekend and this morning, please remember it is not our day. Veterans Day is November 11th. Today is Memorial Day, where we remember those who have fallen, either in combat or from their wounds (both physical and mental) after returning home. I drink for many, many reasons throughout the year, both good and bad, but on this day I only drink for Lance Cpl Nick Anderson, Lance Cpl Adam Bishop, and all those who have fallen while wearing the colors of 3/6 since the battalions activation in 1917. In Norse mythology, those who fall in combat are taken to Valhalla, a great castle where they feast on meat and beer and wait for the gods to call them out for the final battle between good and evil. I drink for my friends in Valhalla today. Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori


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