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The Paradise City.....

>> Thursday, September 9, 2010

I mark my triumphant return to the world of public degradation with a mission statement of fuckin sorts. This blog will no longer be just a source of my rants and raves, though those will stay a prominent role. No, my newly assigned calling is to be an Ambassador of Filth. A man who will delve into the dark underbelly of this rotten fake society and mingle with those who see the dregs of this world on a daily basis, while still searching for the perverse beauty of it all. Many interviews will be coming. Tattooists, bartenders, strippers, hookers, drug dealers, underground punk bands, spoken word poets, starving artists, meth addicts, and morticians. All those who contemporary America would rather silence forever will be brought to the limelight by my investigations. Reviews will come too; of bars, shows, poetry readings, indie films, porn conventions, and the likes. It is my sacred duty of a fucked soul with a sharp toungue to find out what makes some of us run screaming into the dark embracing folds of subcultures and countercultures.
stay tuned bitches. the floodgates have been opened


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