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Happy Birthday America

>> Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America......For one day today, try and forget the hypocrisies of Obamacare, the slimy shenanigans of Romney, the deceit and corruption of numerous elected officials; and remember that America is not a person, or a political party, or a religion, or a state. America is a piece of paper that begins with 3 simple words, We The People, and that paper is backed by 230+ plus years of art, literature, culture, bravery, and amazing feats of science, medicine, and the arts. Don't let the actions of any politician, group, or even state let you lose sight of that; we are an idea, a way of thinking, that can never be destroyed no matter how corrupt and evil our government or corporations become; because they are not America. We are. Get drunk, get high, eat hot dogs, and blow shit up. Happy 4th.....


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