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Adam Schirling got a blogging award?????

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big thanks to Anthony Venutolo, the flash fiction and noir genius behind the always amazing Bukowski's Basement for bestowing upon me the Kreativ Blogger Award. As per the rules of the award, I must now share 10 things about myself and then pass the award on to 3 other awesome souls....So here ya go..

1) I shower sitting down.....I like to relax, but baths disgust me and I get cold in them.
2) I fucking hate cats
3) I can't eggs without ketchup, even on a sandwich
4) A medium rare filet mignon and glass of scotch is my favorite meal ever
5) I once let my wife put a small dildo in my ass when I was drunk. No Regrets.
6) I seldom wear pants at home
7) I can read faster than 98% of people in the US
8) I went through a phase were I masturbated daily in my car during my morning commute
9) I am a veteran of both the US Navy and Marine Corps, and have spent 21 months in a combat zone, 14 of them actually in the infantry.
10) I cannot begin eating my food until the movie I'm watching starts....

So, there ya have it. I am a fucking weirdo...And I now bestow the award to 3 fucking sweet folks:

*Jacey Lane-Deville is a featured writer on Drunken Absurdity, and the owner of 2 awesome blogs, Poison Girl and her author profile blog. She is dark, and funny, and cool as hell.

*Courtney Marie Schirling so, yea yea, she is my wife so I am biased, but my baby is smart, funny, and a talented blogger. She has recently re-focused her goals from a fashion blogger to a minimalist lifestyle blogger, and her accounts of this journey are a great read.

*Ben John Smith is one of my closest friends in the world. This Australian grit poet is the brains and balls behind the amazing ezine/mag Horror Sleaze Trash. He is the tits, and I hope one day I can be half as good as a poet as he is. I am looking forward to years of working with Ben on countless projects.


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